Monitorizo Amazon Shopping Tool Arrived in USA

logo-monitorizo-sin-fondoIf you love to shop online with retail giant, then I have some exciting news for you: Monitorizo, a price-reduction alert tool developed in Spain, is coming to the United States.

Just about everyone has had this experience before: you spend a good amount of time shopping around to find the best deal online, you make a purchase (often a big ticket item) and then two days later you see the exact same product selling at a lower price than what you paid for it. Talk about frustrating at

Well, thanks to the new Amazon shopping tool, Monitorizo, this scenario is a thing of the past.

This free tool allows users to search for any product and see the current list price, as well as historical pricing data and price developments, and most importantly, allows users to create email alerts for price reductions on the products they are interested in.

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If you don’t have anything in particular in mind, you can also browse Monitorizo’s site for the latest price drops or browse their categories and get some inspiration.

Monitorizo, developed in Vizcaya by software developers Alex Santolaya and Oscar Cervero from scratch using PHP and Mysql, has already helped many people in Spain save money on their online shopping. And now you can get in on the savings, too.

The free savings tool is extremely easy to use. Simply begin at Monitorizo’s website,, and search for the product you want. The website is responsive and fully functional on any device. In just a few seconds, Monitorizo will display product options based on your search along with their current list price. You can get more information by clicking on a product, such as an easy-to-read graphic with the price evolution over the past couple months, product specs, description, and reviews. You can also check what price this product is selling for in other countries. All of this information is furnished directly from Amazon, so you can be assured that it is accurate.

At the bottom of the product detail page, Monitorizo makes it very easy to know whether it’s a good time to buy this product, or whether you should wait for a coming price reduction. If the price is at a low point, Monitorizo gives you the thumbs-up (literally), saying it’s a good time to buy.

You can then buy the product directly from Amazon, or choose to create a price drop alert to be sent to your email in the event that the price is reduced. If you decide to buy, you will be linked directly to the product on Amazon listed at the lowest price. Monitorizo is not involved in your Amazon transaction; it just helps you make sure you’re getting the best deal before you buy.

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No more endless searching trying to find a good price. No more worrying whether you’re getting a good deal. No more buyers’ remorse. No more frustrating surprise price drops. Monitorizo will save you time, money and frustration. With just a quick search and a few clicks, you can find the product you are looking for, with all the information you need in order to decide whether it’s the right time to buy. And if it’s not, there’s no need to come back to check the price each and every day. The 100% free Monitorizo tool makes keeping track of price changes easy with email alerts that you set up in just seconds.

Did I mention it’s free?

Get ready, America, because the Spanish-born Amazon savings tool Monitorizo is now available for you. Let the savings begin.

Public Services

Because of previous demands from non-governmental bodies, we have been motivated to create this informative website about what public services in Europe should be like.

public services

Citizens, should be aware that public services and amazon offers, should satisfy their needs without being privatized. See also in alexa.

It must not be forgotten that they are essential for social, economic and regional cohesion in Europe. These services must be of a high quality and accessible to everyone. Until now, privatization or liberalization of public services have been the only the options presented for public services development. (ie, in areas such as energy, post office and telecommunications). The moment to find different solutions has arrived.

For this reason, a petition was presented to the European Commission proposing legislation on public services regarding various topics:

1 – Give general priority to the general interest reflected in public services.

2 – Ensure that everyone has access to public services without additional cost.

3 – Strengthen public services in order to guarantee the basic right of citizens.

4 – Guarantee greater legal security to permit a sustainable development.

5 – Provide services with a legal solid basis and therefore provide an ideologically motivated immunity by free market attacks.

Know More about public services in wikipedia:

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